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Irish Beef in Ale (Ireland)
Irish Broth Soup Recipe
Irish Champ (Ireland)
Irish Coffee
Irish Oatcakes
Irish Potato Soup
Irish Soda Bread
Irish Scallops (Ireland)
Irish Stew (Ireland)
Kedgeree (Fish) Recipe
(Cream of ) Kidney Soup Recipe
(Marinated) Kippers Recipe
Leek Broth(Wales - Soup)
Lemon Mussels Recipe
Lemon Pudding
Lemon Tarts
Lemon Chester Pudding
Lentil Soup
Marmalade Cake
Marmalade Ring Cake
Marmalade and Ginger Slice Recipe
Moules Mariniere
Mussel Brose
Mutton Pie
Mutton and Potato Pie
Mutton Hot Pot with Dumplings
Nut Pie
Oatmeal Crumbles Biscuits (Scotland)
Oatmeal Gingerbread (Scotland)
Orange Pancakes
Orange & Grapefruit marmalade
Pan au Chocolat
Parsley Pie (Wales)
Parsnip Soup (Curried)
Partan Bree (Crab soup)
Partan Pie (Crab Pie)
Pear and Ginger Upside Down Cake
Peanut and Raisin Cookies
Pickled Beef (Scotland)
Plum Pudding (Scotland)
Plum Tart
Pork Hot Pot (Scotland)
Potatoe Scones (Scotland)
Potatoe and Fish
Potted Herrings
Potted Shrimp
Profiteroles and apricot Sauce
Raisin Muffins
Rabbit Pie (Scotland)
Roast Pheasant
Pheasant with whisky
Pickled Beef (Scotland)
Poachers Soup (Scotland)
Prawns in whisky cream (Scotland)
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Pumpkin Pie
Queens Tart (Scotland)
Quiche Lorraine
Raisin Roly Poly
Raspberry and Whisky Cheescake
Rhubarb and Orange Crumble
Scallop Stew (Scotland)
Scotch Broth (Scotland-Meat stock)
Scotch Eggs (Scotland-Part Meat)
Scottish Beef Stew
Shepherds Pie
Shortbread Recipe (Scotland)
Second Shortbread Recipe
Skirlie Stuffed Chicken
(Creamy) Smoked Haddock
Smoked mackerel pate (Scotland)
Smoked Trout pate
Smoked Salmon Tart
"Rumbled" Smoked Salmon (Scotland)
Smoked Salmon and haddock (Scotland- Fish)
Steak in Whisky Sauce (Scotland - Meat)
Stovies (Scotland - Meat)
Stoved Chicken (Scotland - Poultry)
Sweet Breads (Scotland - Meat)
Tablet (Scotland - Sweet)
Tantallon Cakes (Scotland - Sweet)
Teviot Pie
Treacle scones (Scotland - Sweet)
Treacle and Marmalade Tart (Scotland - Sweet)
Treacle Toffee Recipe (Wales)
Trout & Bacon Recipe
Trout in Creme Fraiche
Vanilla Cake (Scotland)
Vegetable Broth (Scotland - Soup)
Venison Casserole (Scotland - Meat)
Venison Patties (Scotland - Meat)
Venison Pie (Scotland - Meat)
Victorian Pudding (Scotland)
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Welsh Broth (Wales - Soup)
Welsh Cake (Wales - Sweet)
Welsh Gingerbread (Wales - Sweet)
Whisky and Chocolate Crunch (Scotland - Sweet)
Whisky Fudge (Scotland - Sweet)
Whisky Stroganoff (Scotland - meat)
(Scotch) Woodcock
Yellow Man Toffee